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I am a voice teacher and interested in Fons, but wondered if you have any bookkeeping or tax preparation advantages. I am also nervous about asking my clients to trust another online credit card billing and personal information collecting platform. But I love your interface and really need to save time in my business tasks. If I choose Fons, does it have to be all or nothing? I don't want to alienate clients who don't feel comfortable using credit card payments or who want to be left off the platform.

Response from Eric (Founder, CEO)
Hey there, 

These are great questions. First off, welcome and thank you for considering Fons for you studio. Here are some answers for you.

The advantage for you as a business owner, is that you have all of your payments in one place. That's huge, not just for accounting but but for diminishing your admin time. Inside of your Fons account you can actually generate reports on your billing history, including the appointment dates/costs/and fees for each of your appointments. You can keep track of everything in real time easily from the "Billing" tab in your account.

Nervous to ask clients for credit cards
I know this change is hard. Honestly, you're doing this for your clients as much as you are for you. They will appreciate not having to open, keep track of, and pay all of your invoices. We hear very little concern from students about the platform. It's PCI compliant (secure) and Fons actually never even sees a credit card or payment method. Encryption has made those payment options very secure now.

All or Nothing
While using Fons to automate your studio is the key to very little admin time (I teach 30 students/week, zero dollars outstanding and 5 minutes or less of admin time!) we understand it takes time to switch, and there will always be holdouts. Fons can accommodate them....you just set their appointments to no charge and bill them however you like.
Let's chat about it. It's always easier once you've seen the platform and you can ask more questions. I know it's a lot to digest! 

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I'll look forward to hearing more about your studio! Thanks again for writing in,


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