If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment with your provider follow the below steps.

Note: As of now if you would like to reschedule an appointment you will have to cancel it first and then create a new appointment.

Cancel or Reschedule an Appointment - How To for Clients

  1. Log into Fons and navigate to the calendar and open the appointment that needs to be changed.
  2. If the appointment has already been confirmed simply click on "Cancel" if it hasn't been confirmed click on "decline", both of these will give you the option to send a note to your provider. 
  3. Once the appointment has been cancelled or declined and you would like to reschedule, simply click on the +Appointment button and select a new day and time. Once your provider confirms you will receive a notice.

If you or your provider never confirms an appointment you will not be charged and you can always request a new appointment at any time even if you have unconfirmed appointments.

When a client cancels an appointment outside of a cancellation policy window, the provider will receive an email notification prompting them to confirm the cancellation. 

If a client cancels an appointment inside of a cancellation policy window, the provider will get a notification and is given the option of cancelling that appointment's automatic payment or permitting it to go through.

A client can request any available time within the provider's "Office Hours" designated in a organization's calendar. The organization will still be prompted to confirm a requested appointment.

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