Choosing a flat-rate billing method is perhaps the most simple path to never having to send another invoice or chase another payment...Fons makes it a snap! The number of appointments scheduled within the subscription time period is up to you.

Checkout the article Subscriptions vs. Pre-paid Package Billing.

Subscription Billing FAQs

  • Subscriptions can be set to start at any date you choose and will continue to automatically charge the client on the anniversary of the original start date, unless cancelled by the provider or client
  • Subscriptions can be setup for weekly, monthly, 3-month, 4-month or 6-month intervals
  • Pricing & intervals can be setup at the company default level or custom per client
  • You can easily refund full or part
  • Subscriptions can include 0 appointments to as many appointments as needed and are all covered by the subscription. Note subscriptions do not count appointments and make adjustments to the subscription cost. If you need to count lessons you may want to consider pre-paid package billing.
  • You can use subscription billing to setup single appointments or recurring appointments
  • If you have a subscription in place you can still charge for an appointment, so if they want to take a group class or you have a special session outside of what their subscription covers, no problem
  • Stripe charges a .4% additional fee for billing per subscriptions


  1. Click on the "Client" tab, navigate to the existing client you would like to set up for a subscription.
  2. Click the "Actions"  button and Click on "create subscription" or "Setup Billing" button
  3. Fill in your rate, interval and when you would like to start the subscription. Click Click the "Start Subscription" button and the system will send your client an email notification to enter their payment info to start the sub on the sub start date you set..


  • If the client does not enter a payment method before the date you selected to start their subscription the sub will not begin until the next interval after they enter their payment info. 
  • If you have lessons scheduled before a subscription start date, you can send a One-Time Payment Request to make up for the gap of when the subscription starts. For example, you set the subscription to start on June 6, 2019 and the client doesn't enter their payment info until June 7, 2019 their subscription will not begin until July 6.

Change the Cost of the Subscription

  1. Click on the "Client" tab, navigate to the client.
  2. Scroll down to the billing section and click on "edit" and change the cost, click apply. It will notify you client of the change, but the do not have to do anything.

Refund Full or Partial

  1. Click on the "Billing" tab, "Transaction History" and scroll to the bottom
  2. Find the subscription payment you would to refund, click on it
  3. On the next screen on the top right click the "issue refund" button and choose the amount to refund, click the next "issue refund" button

Cancel a Subscription

You can cancel a subscription either immediately or at the end of the subscription period.

  1. To cancel a subscription navigate to the client and click on the "end subscription" button. You can either end the subscription immediately by toggling on or leave the subscription in place until the end of the subscription period. You can also cancel all future appointments or leave those in place.
  • If you end the subscription immediately and do not cancel all future appointments, check the cost the future appointments to make sure you have the proper cost setup
  • If you leave the subscription and future appointments running until the subscription period is over, the future appointments will be covered by that subscription. 
  • If you leave the subscription in place until the end of the subscription period, you cannot change them to a prepaid package billing model.

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