Per Appointment or Hourly Billing is the most straightforward form of billing. You can set a client default rate but it can be overridden by setting the rate in an appointment.


  • Per appointment billing will automatically charge the client directly after the appointment. Note: the appointment has to be a confirmed appointment. The system will not charge for unconfirmed appointments.
  • Set the appointment to any duration needed, the system will do the math. Ex: if you have an hourly rate of $100, but the appointment duration is 30 min the client will only be charged $50
  • Per appointment billing option allows for the setup of single or recurring appointments. Recurring appointments only have to be confirmed one time for the entire series.

Setup Client Default Rate

  1. Navigate to the desired client
  2. From there select the edit button in the billing section. You can setup or change your default hourly billing rates here. 
  3. Once you set the rate, click the "request payment info" button,  it will send an email notification, noting their billing rate and asking them to setup their payment info. If you have their credit card you can add for them.

Note: If you select the option to "bill per appointment", the charge is based on an hourly rate, so if your rates are vary between appointment lengths.

For example if you charge $90 for 60 minutes Fons will automatically figure out the rate for 30 minutes is $45, however if you charge $55 for 30 minutes, then you have to do a little math 😏

Here is how to do the math, using the above example:
$55  / 30 minutes = $1.8333 x 60 minutes = $109.999, just round up to $110.00

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