Scheduling an appointment is a breeze using Fons!

  1. Login to Fons
  2. Press the +appointment button or under the client profile click the action button and select new appointment
  3. Select a client from your list of clients, or add a new one by clicking on the "add client". You may invite as many clients as you would like, in case you are holding a group appointment.
  4. You have the option to add additional information such as a location, or any notes you would like to have for yourself about the appointment,
  5. Enter a time, the duration of the appointment and if the appointment is recurring or a one-time appointment. Note: If you select recurring and select an end date, pick an end date after the last appointment is to occur. So, for example if you want the last appointment in the series to end on the 27th select the 28th as the end date.
  6. Select whether or not you would like to send a notification to your client. You can even customize your message, see a preview of it, and send yourself a test notification.

Clients will be asked to confirm/decline the appointment.  If they want to confirm the appointment they must enter a payment method, unless they have pre-paid for a package or subscription.

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