Setting Up Your Organizational Info:

  1. Log into your Fons account and navigate to "Settings"
  2. Fill out your "Profile" information in both the Personal and Organization sections 
  3. Setup your default lesson length & default hourly rate
  4.  Setup your cancellation policy
  5. Enter a brief bio (ideally no more than a few short sentences)
  6. Click on Update Profile each time you add or edit your information

Please Note:

Your hourly rate and appointment duration are customizable for each client. These numbers reflect your current billing rate, and your most common appointment duration.

Think of your default hourly rate as your current billing rate for clients.

Remember  it’s easy to customize your rate for each client to as little as $0. This also helps if you have any grandfathered clients that pay a rate you charged previously.

If your appointments are partial hours in length, remember that the hourly rate will apply to the amount of time of that appointment. (ex: If your default hourly rate is $100, then a 30 minute appointment will be billed $50.)

If you charge a premium for shorter appointments, you can adjust the hourly rate of an individual client within their client settings. In other words, if your default rate is $100, and you charge $60 for a 30 minute appointment, than you can adjust the bill rate to $120 for that client’s bill rate.

Subscription plan billing consists of a rate and time period. It has the benefit of upfront collection of the subscription fee, which happens following the first confirmed appointment with your client.

You determine the number of appointments per subscription, simply by how many appointments you schedule within the subscription period

Next, let’s look at the "Cancellation Policy"

Set your "Cancellation Policy". Clients that do not have an excused absence or reschedule within this window will be charged at the time their appointment was scheduled.

There is no additional fee for an appointment that can be rescheduled at the provider’s discretion. The provider can always override/cancel a charge for any reason.

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