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There is never a cost to the client to use Fons!

Credit card and ACH fees depend upon your Fons subscription level and country. ACH payments are only available in the United States. 

ACH payments are electronic payments that are created when the customer gives an originating institution, corporation, or other customer (originator) authorization to debit directly from the customer's checking or saving account for the purpose of bill payment. In other words, instead of using a credit card to pay you enter your routing and checking account numbers and your bank account is debited.

ACH Payments 1.8% (US Only)
Credit Card Payments 2.9% + $0.30
International Cards 3.9% + $0.30

If you bill your clients per subscriptions Stripe charges a .4% additional fee

*Important Notes*

  • If a client officially disputes a charge through their credit card company or bank, Stripe may assess a $15 dispute fee and refund the disputed amount to your client's account.
  • When you perform a refund Processing fees charged by Stripe are non-refundable.

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