We spoke with hundreds of providers just like you and studied the life-cycle of the client relationship. We noticed that the biggest, ickiest, and most awkward moments are when someone owes someone else something (time or money.) After speaking to so many providers, the answer to these sticky situations was obvious. We needed a method to provide both the provider and the client a clear and easily enforced cancellation policy via an automated system of payments and scheduling. Tadah! That's Fons!

The second reason for no longer needing makeup appointments, is that as long as you have an opening in your schedule, a client can request that time! This ensures that every ounce of a provider's day is valued to it's fullest capacity.

The third reason (which is way less exciting than the first two) is that our designers and software developers totally nerd-out on turning complicated things into streamlined, efficient, effective automation. If they built out a "makeup appointment" scenario,
1.) They'd be bald from pulling out their hair and....
2.) Our users would be left with a clunky, confusing, hot mess of software situation. That's the opposite of what we at Fons want for our users!

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