If you are a client it's super easy to confirm an appointment sent from your provider. Why confirm appointments? 

  • It is an easy way to let your provider know you will be coming to your appointment. 
  • It ensures your provider will be paid for their services
  • It's easy for you to pay for your appointment

To confirm your appointment:

  1. Open the email from Fons, Click on the "Confirm" button, if this is your first time logging in to Fons you will be prompted to create a password, if you have logged in to Fons before it will just prompt you to enter you password. If it is a recurring appointment you will only need to confirm one time for all appointment in the recurring series.
  • If you select decline it will decline the entire series of appointments. If you need to cancel just one single appointment see Cancelling an Appointment - How To For Clients
  • If you are a client and have not entered a payment method you will be prompted to, when you click "Confirm" unless it is a $0 cost appointment.

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