Prepaid appointment packages is one of our many popular billing options.  

Package features include:

  • Unlimited amount of package types you can create to sell
  • Package balance adjustability
  • Package balance visibility to your client
  • Package billing options:

        -  Ability to setup a repurchase billing option for clients when he package                         balance reaches 0
        -  Sell a onetime package or a specific number
        -  Pay for packages outside of Fons

Step 1 - Set up your "Packages"

Select "Settings" and then "Billing". From here you can create packages by selecting the "+add" button, or edit existing packages by clicking on the gear icon next to your desired package.

Step 2 - Send a "Package Payment" request to your client. 

Option 1: Go to the "Billing" tab and select "Payment Requests". From there, select "package" from the green "request payment" button on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then select the desired client and package for the desired request.

Option 2: Go to the "Client" tab in your Fons account and select any client. Press the "package" option from the drop down list under the green "Request Payment" button.

You may even add notes if you wish to help remind you about your package request's details. Toggle the "automatically repurchase" button off to just sell 1 package or on to renew indefinitely, or choose to renew for a specific number of packages.

Your client will get an email where they can approve the payment (the same as with the "One time payment" option).

If you received a check or cash for this package, select the "Paid in Full" (outside Fons) button.  Note: if paid outside of Fons you cannot use the '"Automatically Repurchase" feature.  Your client will receive a receipt for the payment.

Track Package Appointment Balances

  • The package balance will reduce after confirmed appointments are over. You can track the client's package balance under the client tab. 
  • If the package was set to repurchase the repurchase will happen immediately after the last appointment has been used. 
  • You can reduce or add to the package balance by clicking on edit under the billing section under the "Client" tab. **Note if you reduce a package balance down to 0, it will void the package repurchase feature and the package will NOT repurchase, you will then have to end the package and resend a new one.
  • You can also track pending and paid packages under "Payment Requests" in the "Billing" tab, and can offer refunds from here as well.

Tracking Package Balances in the Client Tab:

Tracking Payment Status of Packages in the Billing Tab:

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