If you would like clients to be able to schedule lessons for your staff members you must configure their office hours and/or availabilities.

View Staff Member Calendars

To view you and your staff members calendars just navigate to the calendar tab, click the All Staff drop down menu.

Then select the staff members you would like to view. You can also assign different colors for your staff members under Settings - Staff.

Setting Your Staff Availabilities

Availabilities are used for holidays, doctor appointments, etc. and to cancel all appointments for a set period of time.

  1. Use the above calendar view settings to select the staff member you would like to set availabilities.
  2.  In the bottom right hand corner click the "Edit Availability" button. Note: for mobile you must be on the monthly calendar view.

Setup / Change Staff Office Hours

1. Log into your Fons account, then navigate to "Settings" and click on "Staff"

2. Click on the staff member to set office hours for, scroll down to the bottom

3. Toggle on/off the "Office hours are the same each day"

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