Fons and Learning Musician are a natural pairing. Fons is growing quickly as a tool to help appointment-based business owners run their businesses. One pain point we had not yet dealt with was getting new clients... or, a marketplace. Learning Musician is a great opportunity to merge those two worlds, and that's how the connection occurred. 

  • What are the new benefits? For the same price as one service you now get two! Fons will update your Learning Musician profile to be more modern and eye-catching. You'll also have the ability to streamline scheduling and payments for your business. 

               - Premium website search visibility
               - Easy one-time or recurring appointment scheduling
               - Fons supports billing options that end invoicing and chasing payments!                        Hourly, Subscription, Prepaid Package, Invoicing
               - Online Booking links to share or embed in your website
               - Your clients get a  profile, where they can view, cancel and schedule                              appointments, manage family  members and view and pay for their                                appointments
               - Staff Feature

  • How long will my trial be until I have to start paying? Your trial will start out with three months free. Over this time, we'll be perfecting the profiles, dialing in your SEO, and generating new traffic(and leads) from your profile! If you need more time to see if Fons is a great fit for you, no problem... we're committed to making this work for you!
  • Will this cost me more money?  No. Fons costs $9.95 per month, and we offer 20% savings for a year membership! Where Learning Musician charged $9.95 to see the contact information of an incoming lead, customers will now be able to contact you directly through your profile page.
  • What if I have already paid the Learning Musician for a subscription? Your subscription will all be honored and the paid remaining time will be credited to your Fons account.
  • Can I just use the Marketplace (new Learning Musician site) or do I have to use the scheduling feature? You absolutely can just use the Marketplace, but you will miss out on all of the great benefits of streamlined scheduling and automatic payment processing
  • Will the Learning Musician website still exist? LM will no longer be available in the next few months. Profiles will soon be live on Fons. They're going to be beautiful, and the web visibility should actually go up.. as LM hadn't been updated much in recent years. 
  • Will our web traffic and Google searches be affected?  The learning musician traffic will continue to exist and soon be redirected to your new profile page. You should experience the same amount of web visibility. Traffic and lead generation should go up soon, as LM hadn't been updated in recent years.
  • How will somebody find a way to learn an instrument through this new name, Fons?  Although the name is different.,(Fons means wellspring of knowledge in Latin) the searching capabilities should be on parity with Learning Musician. The searching will actually lead directly to your profile. So, if someone types in Conga drums near you, your profile would show up. This is how much of traffic worked for learning musician as well. Although Fons was initially built for music teachers,  Fons now supports many different types of businesses such as personal trainers and academic tutors. We want to help them get new customers too!
  • Will all of my info from the Learning Musician site be automatically moved or do I have to do it? We are pulling over your bios, about me's, pictures, & logos. If you'd like to update your information, you're free to do that anytime by updating your profile information for your organization.
  • How do I login and see my new page? We will send you an email when your account is ready to view. You'll create a password, update any profile information you'd like, & be good to go! If you want to see what it will look like checkout our founder's personal studio page

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