Should I use a prepaid package or a subscription and what are the differences.

Subscriptions are like Netflix, you can watch one movie a month or 100 but never cost anything more. Subscription are just a flat rate and include all appointments.

  • You can select what day the subscription starts
  • You can edit the cost at any time
  • A subscription will automatically be applied to all appointments unless you select otherwise
  • A subscription won't keep track of how many appointments a client uses in a month
  • You can cancel the subscription at the end of the term on on that day

Packages work like a punch card, a client shows up for their appointment and their card is punched. While we don't offer physical cards we have a prepaid package billing model which is all automated.

  • You can setup your packages (punch card) for as many appointments as you would like
  • You can setup as many packages as you want
  • You can sell your packages as one-time, auto renew and auto renew for a set amount of times.
  • Once a client has an appointment with a package attached the balance will deduct, if you their package is set to renew it will renew and charge the client once the balance reaches 0
  • You can edit the package balance at anytime by adding or subtracting to it

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