Setting up your Marketplace page means that you will have an extra boost to your web presence. When people look for you on a search engine like Google they will be able to find you online and send you an inquiry about your services. You can even set up your Public Booking to work in tandem with your Marketplace page, so clients new and old can book appointments with you right away!

How Google Search finds your Marketplace page

The search Google does is based on a combination of your organization's Display Name (under Settings>Organization>Profile),  your "SEO Title", the services you list at the bottom of your Marketplace page and the keywords and phrases from the body of text on your page.

Three Major Tips to Improve the Google Ranking for your Page!

  1. Try to imagine you are a potential client that is searching the web for services you offer. What would they search for? If you think new clients will try to find you online by searching for things like "online vocal coaching" or "karate classes in Brooklyn", try to use language that uses phrases like that in the areas mentioned above.

  2. If you have a website, share your Marketplace link there. Even add your website link on your Marketplace page for an added bump to your Google ranking for both of them. If you have a Google website or Google business page, add your link there too!

  3. Have your link live on the social media profiles for your business. If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Linkedin, add your link to your public contact information. The more places your link exists online, the more times Google’s search will find it and push your page ranking even higher!

Remember, these things all accumulate over time to make your page more visible online. After you’ve implemented some of these ideas take a look and see how it affects your page over the coming weeks. 

You can also send us a "Google Re-index Request" by sending us the link to your  marketplace page at [email protected] which will help Google pick up the changes you've implemented to your page more quickly.

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