prepaid Package Example Setups and workflow for 12/24/36 appointments. Click on any of the links for detailed package setup instructions.

You may want to inform your clients that you will be using Fons for all of your lesson scheduling and billing. Once they set their payment info and confirm their recurring appointments, it is pretty much set it and forget.

Our Help Center has very detailed instructions for anything you may need as well.

  1. Make sure you have your Office Hours setup
  2. Add your Deposit info so you can get paid
  3. Setup your packages, use the below as a sample for 12/24/36 or any increment you sell. In this example this is only the package setup, in the below steps you will then bill it to your client. 

You are now ready to setup your clients

  1. Navigate to the “Clients” tab, click on the “add client” button, fill in name, email, and/or phone. 
  2. On the next screen: How do you want to charge for appointments
  • Not Ready to Bill Your Clients: If you are not ready to bill your clients for a prepaid package, select “Setup Billing Later”. If you select this option it will not send anything to your client, it only set them up in the system up for when you are ready to bill or create an appointment for them. *see the below screenshots
  • Ready to Bill Your Clients - you can set this up later, for instructions see the Package How To Guide

3.  If you are ready to bill your clients, select “Package”. 

4. The next screen is where you will define how many times to resell a package to your client. So for example, if you sell a 12/ 30 min lesson package, select the correct package from the drop down, click on to Automatically repurchase, “a specific number”, in this example you would select 2, because the package will sell 4 lessons for a total of 3 times (the first purchase and then 2 repurchases) creating a total lesson package of 12 lessons. *see the below screenshots

5. Once you select this option, on the next screen click on “add client” and it will add your client and email them a prepaid package payment invoice. Once the client clicks on the “pay now” link in the email it will prompt them for a credit card or ACH (their choice), it will then charge their payment method (ach takes few days longer) and send you a notice and the client a receipt. The billing is then automated and the next charge will be immediately after last appointment of the package has been used. It will send your client a receipt.

Note: Once the package is paid for you can adjust the appointment balance up and down if needed to adjust for appointment not confirmed or credit for a cancelled appointment.

Now you are ready to schedule appointments

  1. Once the package has been paid for the appointments can now be setup and will deduct from the prepaid package balance. Click the add appointment button 
  1. Fill out all of the appointment details. Once you get down to “frequency” select Every Week and then count out how many appointments are in the package for example if you sold a package of 12/ 30 min appointments and they are every Monday count out 12 Mondays and set that as the stop date. 
  • If any of the appointments are cancelled outside of the cancellation window the package does not deduct from the package balance
  • Never reduce the package balance to 0 appointments or the package will not auto repurchase


Common Scenarios

What if I want to start using Fons and the client has already paid for a package of 4 via cash/check and still has 2 sessions left? 

  • Sometimes it takes clients a little time to get onboard, so you can set your clients up and send them a payment request for their next package and if they pay before they have their next two appointments you can just adjust the package balance by 2 making it a total of 6, so 4 for the new package plus 2 for the existing package. If you start their appointments and they confirm it will start deducting from their package.

What is the client forgets to confirm the lesson and it didn't deduct from the package balance?

  • Easy, just open the client profile, under the billing section, click edit and just deduct one from the package balance. 

What if they want to pay with a check or cash?

  • You do have that option when you set up their package, however you can not use that option and have the package set to auto repurchase. It’s best to avoid this scenario, so your billing can be automated.
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