We’ve got a feature available to our most-trusted providers called "Verified Mode". This gives you complete control over your business experience, with much less friction. Now, you’ll be able to confirm appointments, payment for packages, and one-time payments. No more waiting for clients to confirm appointments or make payments. They still get notifications, they just don’t have to do anything. 

To use the new amazing features take a look at these "How To" videos

Fons Verified  Status - How to auto-approve one-time and package payments

Fons Verified Status - How to confirm an appointment on creation

Fons Verified Status - How to confirm an existing appointment

Fons Verified Status - How to change an appointment cost and reconfirm the appointment

To qualify as a Verified Provider you must have the 3 below qualification, if you do not have the below and would like to be verified, just contact us for an individual review.
• 90 days on the platform active
• 10k in transactions
• No disputes

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