Should I use a prepaid package or a subscription and what are the differences?

Packages work like a punch card, client purchases a bulk of appointments and a client shows up for their appointment, appointment is used and deducted from their balance.
Subscriptions are like Netflix, you can watch one movie a month or 100 but never cost anything more, it is a flat monthly rate, charged the same time every month.

Package features include:

  • Unlimited package types you can create to sell
  • Ability to sell on your public booking page
  • Package balance adjustability
  • Package balance visibility to your client
  • If a Verified Fons Provider - charge packages on demand
  • Ability to setup auto repurchase options or sell just one-time
  • Cancel or refund a package at anytime
  • Transfer the package balance to another family member at anytime

Setup Summary

Step 1: Setup your Packages to sell
Step 2: Sell your Package to your client
Step 3: Schedule your appointments using the package

Note: To cancel or refund a package see below

Step 1: Setup your Packages to sell

1. Navigate to the Settings tab then Packages tab

2. Click on "add package" button - see example package setups for additional setup

  • Select your settings
  • If you would like it to show on your public booking page toggle on to "make it public" also make sure your public booking link is enabled, under settings-> booking, you can drive clients specifically to that link by copying it

Step 2: Sell your Package to your client

*Note the package must be sold under the client (family member) that the appointments are going to be scheduled under.

  1. Navigate to the client you would like to sell the package to
  2. Click the "actions" button select "sell package" or "Setup Billing" button
  3. Fill in appropriate fields - If requesting a payment the system will email your client a link to setup their billing info to pay. If "automatically approving payment" or repurchasing the system will charge the client and use the payment info on file and email your client a receipt.
  • You can sell multiple packages, if you select to "auto re-purchase" it will resell the last package sold to them

Cancel a Package

  1. Navigate to the client's profile
  2. If the package balance is not 0, click on edit and change to 0
  3. Click the "end package billing" button

Refund a Package

  1. Navigate to the Billing tab -> Payments
  2. Scroll down to the charge to be refunded
  3. Click Issue Refund and enter amount to be refunded

Transfer a Package

  1. Navigate to the client's profile
  2. Click on the action button
  3. Select "Transfer Package", select the family members name
  4. Transfer

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