With Workshops you can now create a series of appointments that are all billed as a single purchase. This is great for summer camps, weekend intensives, 3-day seminars and the like. Managing them is super easy and they appear on you and your clients' calendars so everyone knows when things are happening. 


  • add as many days as needed
  • Ability to sell on your public booking page with a unique link
  • you can set daily blocks of times with gaps in the middle
  • refund all or partial payments
  • charge different prices for different clients and charge the client at the time of booking or send a request for payment
  • easily remove the client at anytime


  1. Navigate to Settings -> Workshops
  2. Fill out fields. Note: if you don't know which staff member is going to head the workshop, you can create a general staff member, called i.e. Workshop Instructor
  3. Save Workshop

Note: to have a unique booking link you must first make the workshop public

Add Attendees

  1. Once the workshop is saved, click on the "add attendees" button
  2. Select one or all of the attendees
  • If you toggle on the "automatically approve payment" and the client has a payment method on file it will charge the client and send a receipt
  • If you do not toggle on the "automatically approve payment"  it will send an email for the client to click on and pay

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