Scheduling an appointment is a breeze using Fons!

  1. Simply go the Calendar tab, and press the +appointment button.
  2. Select a client from your list of clients, or add a new one by entering their email in the Invite field. You may invite as many clients as you would like, in case you are holding a group appointment.
  3. You have the option to add additional information such as a location, or any notes you would like to have for yourself about the appointment,
  4. Enter a time, the duration of the appointment and if the appointment is recurring or a one-time appointment.
  5. Choose between Per Appointment, Subscription, or No Charge for your client's billing options.
  6. Select whether or not you would like to send a notification to your client. You can even customize your message, see a preview of it, and send yourself a test notification to give yourself a complete look at your client's experience. If you decide. 
  7. Clients with a Fons account will be asked to confirm/decline the appointment. Clients without a Fons account will be given a link to sign up for Fons. You even have the option to have new clients pay after their first appointment via a Payment Request.

Once your client's billing info is verified you are good to go!

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