Step 1 - Set up your "Packages"

Select "Client Billing" under the "Account" tab. From here you can create packages by selecting the "+add" button, or edit existing packages by clicking on the gear icon next to your desired package.

Step 2 - Send a "Package Payment" request to your client. 

Option 1: Go to the "Billing" tab and select "Payment Requests". From there, select "package" from the green "request payment" button on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then select the desired client and package for the desired request.

Option 2: Go to the "Client" tab in your Fons account and select any client. Press the "package" option from the drop down list under the green "Request Payment" button.

You may even add notes if you wish to help remind you about your package request's details. Toggle the "automatically repurchase" button off to just sell 1 package or on to renew indefinitely or renew for a specific number of packages.

Your client will get an email where they can approve the payment (the same as with the "One time payment" option).

If you received a check or cash for this package, select the "Paid in Full" (outside Fons) button.  Note: if paid outside of Fons you cannot use the '"Automatically Repurchase" feature.  Your client will receive a receipt for the payment.

Step 3 - Scheduling Appointments

Schedule (or have your client request) an appointment and it will be deducted automatically from the total of the prepaid package.

You can track the client's package balance under the client tab. Also, you can track pending and currently running packages under "Payment Requests" in the "Billing" tab

Client Tab:

Billing Tab:

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