So, your tutor, music teacher, personal trainer, etc has joined Fons! Great news for them and for you. No longer will you have to remember to bring a payment to your appointment or spend time calling and texting for their availabilities. Now, you can just sign-up, sign-in and your all set to start scheduling appointments. 

Watch this short video to get you on your way!

How to Accept an Invite form a Provider:

  1. From your email invitation click on "Accept Invite", this will take you to a sign in screen
  2. Enter your name, email address and a password, click Login
  3. From the next screen you can enter additional family members or you can do this from your portal at a later time
  4. Once you're in you can update your profile, enter family members and schedule appointments. *Don't forget to enter your payment info so your favorite provider can get paid:)

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