If your rates are different per durations, here is how to set it up in Fons. If you just charge for example $90 for 60 minutes Fons will automatically figure out the rate for 30 minutes of $45, however if you charge $85 for 60 minutes and $45 for 30 minutes, see below how to this up:

  1. Login to fons and navigate to the account tab, Org Settings and enter your default appointment duration, click on "Update Org profile" to save. For the above example you would fill in 60 minutes.
  2. Next click on Client Billing tab, click on "edit" under the "Offer Hourly Billing" section and fill in your rate, click Save Changes. For the above example you would fill in $85.
  3. Once Step 1 & 2 are complete, navigate to the Client Tab and select a client that you would like to setup for 30 minute lessons. For the above example above you would fill in 30 minutes and for the default hourly rate fill in $90. This will bill the 30 minute appointment at $45 

Alternatively,  you can create an appointment, fill in your duration and appointment cost. For detailed instructions on creating and appointment see: 

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