Note: Your Zoom account can only be connected to one Fons organization. Connecting to more than one organization will result in unexpected failures when using Zoom with Fons.

Connecting Fons and Zoom is easy as 1...2...3!

You must have a Zoom free or paid account, if you do not click here to signup
Zoom Signup *make sure to use your same email you use to sign in to Fons.

Setup Zoom Integration in Fons

  1. Navigate to the Settings, Integrations tabs
  2. Click the "Connect to Zoom" button, this will take you to Zoom to authorize
  3. If you are signed in click "Authorize" if not sign in Note: you must use your same email you use to sign in to Fons
  4. Once you sign in, click the "Pre-approve" button
  5. Now click the "Authorize" button, you will now see you are connected, once you are connected, see below how to use to setup an appointment

Staff Zoom Rooms

You can use saved locations for this just setup under Settings->Locations. When creating an appointment don't use Zoom just add the staff member's link by start typing their name, like below you would type "Jerry"

Use Zoom in an Appointment

  1. Create a new appointment, under location select Zoom, Zoom will create a Zoom link for the meeting
  2. The Zoom meeting link will be in the location section of the appointment, to open just click on the link and it will automatically connect to Zoom
  1. Open the existing appointment and paste in the new Zoom link in the location field or click "Zoom Meeting" to create a new meeting link.
  2. If a recurring appointment make sure to select "apply to this and all future appointments
  3. Click Save an email notification will be sent to each attendee letting them know of the location update.


If you wish to disconnect your Zoom account it’s also easy

  1. Log in to Zoom and find your installed apps (
  2. Click the Uninstall button next to the Fons app
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions

When you uninstall the Fons app, we will automatically delete all of your Zoom account information from our system.

Your appointment will be updated with a link to the Zoom meeting and all attendees will be notified of the change.



  • Page not found or Integration Tab is Missing, Make sure Fons is up to date by clicking on your name in the upper right hand side and then drop it down and you will see an update button keep clicking on that until it disappears and shows you a version number
  • Looks like we had a little hiccup, Sometimes we just have trouble connecting to Zoom and will need to help you out.  Contact us and we’ll get you squared away.

Using Zoom with Appointments

  • Zoom meeting isn’t an option  or grayed out in an appointment creation Zoom meetings can only be created for staff members that are also in your Zoom account.
  • Check that the staff member is a user in your Zoom account
  • Check that staff email used in Fons matches the one in Zoom
  • Try synchronizing your Zoom data, Navigate to Settings -> Integrations click on Synchronize Data button
  • Oh Snap! Error message, Sometimes we just have trouble connecting to Zoom and will need to help you out.  Contact us and we’ll get you squared away.

Still having trouble?

View our support options here.

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