We created Fons to elevate your career and ensure a provider’s time is valued fully and automatically. This is why Fons enforces your "Cancellation Policy". 

Your cancellation policy requires your clients to pay for their appointments. Clients will be unable to cancel or reschedule their appointment with you within the window of time you deem as your "cancellation policy window." However, we know accidents happen, so you can refund their entire amount or just a partial amount.

Example: If a service provider has a cancellation of 48 hours, then their clients are unable to reschedule or cancel an appointment 47.9 hours before that appointment and they will be charged. They are able to cancel that appointment 49+ hours in advance without being charged.

You can make this change to your policy by logging into your Fons account, select the Account tab then click Org Settings. At the bottom of the page you will be able to enter your Cancellation Policy which can be customized from 1, to 360 hours.

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