If you need to send an invoice not related to an appointment for registration fees, supplies, tuition or even missed appointment payments just use our Payment Request Feature.

How To Setup an Invoice & Request a Payment

  1. Login to Fons
  2. Navigate to the Billing tab or navigate to the specific client
  • From the billing tab, click on "Payment Request"
  • Click "actions" on the top right , if on the client tab select "actions"  and select "onetime payment"

  3. Fill in the Amount

  • Paid in Full (outside of Fons) - use this option if you have collected a cash/check
  • If you are a Verified Provider you will the the Automatically approve payment option- toggle on (green) to charge the client immediately and send a receipt with no client interaction. Leave toggled off for your client to approve. *Note: your client must have a payment method setup to charge immediately.

4. Click the "Request Payment" button. Your client will either receive an email to confirm the payment or a receipt depending on the above option, and once confirmed it will then charge them for the full amount. If they have not entered payment information yet, they will be prompted to do so. See the email your client will receive below.

Client Email Notification to Confirm

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