We know every business is different and we know the one thing they all have in common is everyone wants to get paid with as lease hassle and awkward conversations as possible.  

Whatever your business model we got you covered with several flexible billing options:

Per Appointment - Subscription -  Prepaid Package - One-Time Invoicing


  • Every option can be setup at the client level for customized rates
  • Easy refunds in full or part
  • The custom cancellation policy applies to both hourly billing & package billing
  • Flexible payment options for clients, credit cards, debit cards or bank account transfers. Your client sets it up once & they are good to go for whatever billing method you choose!

Per Appointment or Hourly Billing

  • Per appointment billing will automatically charge the client directly after the appointment. Note: the appointment has to be a confirmed appointment. The system will not charge for unconfirmed appointments.
  • Per appointment billing option allows for the setup of single or recurring appointments. Recurring appointments only have to be confirmed one time for the entire series.

Subscription Billing

  • Subscriptions can be set to start at any date you choose and will continue to automatically charge the client on the anniversary of the original start date, unless cancelled by the provider or client
  • Subscriptions can be setup for weekly, monthly, 3-month, 4-month or 6-month intervals 
  • Pricing & Intervals can be setup at the company default level or custom per client
  • Subscriptions can include 0 appointments to as many appointments as needed and are all covered by the subscription
  • You can use subscription billing to setup single appointments or recurring appointments

Prepaid Package Billing

  • Prepaid Package Billing billing gives you the ability set a predetermined amount of appointments and bill in advanced. 
  • Setup as many package billing options as you need
  • Easily track package balances

One-Time or Invoice Billing

  • Perfect for registration fees, supplies or missed payment charges
  • Easily create and send an invoice to your clients, they click the "Pay Now" button to approve, your paid.

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