Setting up your Public Online Booking Calendar only takes a few minutes.

Public Booking Options

  • Enable/disable your public booking calendar at anytime
  • Set your appointments to Auto-Confirm for more scheduling control - ¬†just toggle off
  • Scheduling Blackout - Avoid last minute appointment requests with customizable blackout hours
  • Share your Fons booking link via email, text, or embed it on your website
  • Embed the booking widget into your website for a Calendar button
  • Set up appointment options to accept credit card, prepaid packages or subscriptions
  • Ability to require payment at booking
  • Class / Group appointments option - How To

Setup:  Enable public booking and set your appointment options

  1. Login to Fons and navigate to "Settings" and then "Booking"
  2. Click on the "Enable Public Booking" button
  3. Click on the "+add" button to setup and save your appointment options

Note: If you do not select to require payment at booking, the appointment will be charged as soon as the appointments is ended.

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