Bill clients a fixed rate every week or month. The number of appointments scheduled within the subscription time period is up to you.


  • Subscriptions can be set to start at any date you choose and will continue to automatically charge the client on the anniversary of the original start date, unless cancelled by the provider or client
  • Subscriptions can be setup for weekly, monthly, 3-month, 4-month or 6-month intervals
  • Pricing & intervals can be setup at the company default level or custom per client
  • Subscriptions can include 0 appointments to as many appointments as needed and are all covered by the subscription
  • You can use subscription billing to setup single appointments or recurring appointments


Part 1: To enable Subscription Billing

  1. Log into Fons, navigate to the "Account" tab, click on "Client Billing"
  2. From "Client Billing" you select the gear button under the subscription area. You can enable/disable, setup or change subscription billing rates and intervals here. Note: this is your company default setup and has to be enabled to use the subscription billing feature. You can customize the rate, interval and start date for each client, see below.

Part 2: Setup a client for subscription billing

  1. Click on the "Client" tab and navigate to the client you would like to setup for a subscription
  2. Click on "start subscription"
  3. Fill in your rate, interval and when you would like to start the subscription. Note: If you have lessons scheduled before a subscription start date, you can use the One-Time invoicing option to make up for the gap of when the subscription starts.
  4. Click the "Start Subscription" button, the subscription will now be charged on the subscription start date.

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