Fons appointments are super flexible, and changes can be made to them as needed.

To Make Changes to an Appointment

  1. Login to Fons and navigate to the appointment you would like to change
  2. Click on the edit pencil field that needs updated:
  • Title - The appointment title is what shows on the calendar and can be changed
  • Location - A location can be added or changed. If you change the location it will email the attendee an appointment update notification
  • Cancel - Click on the "Cancel" button. If it is a recurring appointment you can cancel the entire series or just the one. Once you click cancel you can add an optional note and it will notify your client via email and within the notification bell in the app.
  • Reschedule the Date, Duration - Click on the "Reschedule" button to change any of these options. This will email your client to let them know if any of these changes have occurred. They DO NOT have to re-confirm the appointment, just cancel if it doesn't suit them.
  • Provider Staff - If you have staff members and you change to another member, it will email the staff member that the appointment has been changed to. It does not notify the previews staff member of the change nor the client.
  • Cost - Click on the "change" button under the cost section. You can change the cost of just this appointment or the entire series. If you change the cost it will email your client and they will have to re-confirm the appointment or series. If you are a Verified Fons provider you can reconfirm for your client.
  • Description - You can add or change the appointment description
  • Re-invite Clients - Click on the "reinvite unconfirmed" button to send another invite to all unconfirmed clients
  • Public Booking - You can edit the appointment to make it a private or public
  • Group Appointments - Use the "manage attendees" button to add and remove clients to the appointment. If you add a client it will notify them to confirm via email and the notification bell in the app, however if you remove them it will only remove them with no notifications. If your client has a subscription or package in place the group lesson price will override those and charge your client in addition to being recognized by the package or subscription in question.
  • Do Not Charge - Click on the "do not charge" button if you would like to not charge that client. It will only not charge them for this appointment and does not affect the series. If you choose not to charge it will notify your client via email.

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